Is netflix worth getting rid or premium channels?

by on October 31, 2013

Question by Sophie: Is netflix worth getting rid or premium channels?
We’re trying to decide whether to get Netflix and get rid of our premium channels (HBO, Starz, etc.) or keep the premium channels and not get Netflix. I think getting Netflix would be convenient because they have series that are aired on nights when I’m busy, but I don’t know if they have as many movies as the premium channels.

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Answer by PoohBearPenguin
Netflix only carries things that are on DVD, so you have to wait for a show to finish its season before it will be released on DVD and picked up by Netflix.

Even then, Netflix’s instant streaming service requires a separate contract with the studios, so only a fraction of their DVD library is available.

If you do get Netflix, get one of the subscriptions that includes at least 1 DVD at a time. This will give you access to Netflix’s full library, as well as the unlimited streaming.

I honestly don’t see any point to the premium channels. They get movies maybe a month before they hit DVD, but honestly who cares?

If all you care about are recent releases, find a RedBox kiosk at your local 7-11 or grocery store, and sign up with them. You can rent movies for $ 1.30 per movie per night, and they often email free movie rentals. They’re also trying a streaming service like Netflix but they don’t have as many titles as Netflix even though they will give you a handful of free disc rentals.

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