Is netflix worth getting rid or premium channels?

by on October 31, 2013

Question by Sophie: Is netflix worth getting rid or premium channels?
We’re trying to decide whether to get Netflix and get rid of our premium channels (HBO, Starz, etc.) or keep the premium channels and not get Netflix. I think getting Netflix would be convenient because they have series that are aired on nights when I’m busy, but I don’t know if they have as many movies as the premium channels.

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Answer by PoohBearPenguin
Netflix only carries things that are on DVD, so you have to wait for a show to finish its season before it will be released on DVD and picked up by Netflix.

Even then, Netflix’s instant streaming service requires a separate contract with the studios, so only a fraction of their DVD library is available.

If you do get Netflix, get one of the subscriptions that includes at least 1 DVD at a time. This will give you access to Netflix’s full library, as well as the unlimited streaming.

I honestly don’t see any point to the premium channels. They get movies maybe a month before they hit DVD, but honestly who cares?

If all you care about are recent releases, find a RedBox kiosk at your local 7-11 or grocery store, and sign up with them. You can rent movies for $ 1.30 per movie per night, and they often email free movie rentals. They’re also trying a streaming service like Netflix but they don’t have as many titles as Netflix even though they will give you a handful of free disc rentals.

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Grumpy Mac October 31, 2013 at 8:02 am

Netflix tries to be a video store replacement.

If you want recent shows not on disk – go look at HuluPlus for streaming recent TV shows.

My advice: Look at the shows on the premium channels that you really really like. Not the ones you ‘catch’ if you are bored and channel surf, but the ones you are a fan of. Make a list and write down the price for the service. Then ask is this worth it to you?

A few weeks ago they had a ‘free weekend’ of HBO, Showtime, Starzs so I hunted through the listings and was surprised at all the years-old movies and un-interesting shows that was on. It was NOT encouraging.

For my tastes, this is the only thing that interested me:

HBO – Game of Thrones. But I can wait for the disks to show up
Showtime – Dexter (but they are not showing scenes now)
Starzs – lots of old movies. I recorded “Roxanne” and “Joyful Noise” but that was about it

That was about it. Not enough interesting content to get me to sign up.

Now – I do have both disk and streaming with Netflix and I enjoy it. Lots of older TV shows (Trek series, Lost Girl, Shows by Joss Wheadon, West Wing, etc.) Thousands of hours of content when I want to watch. Add YouTube and getting a small box like the Western Digital TV Live box to show things and I canceled Showtime last year and frankly do not regret it.

But – it depends on YOUR tastes. If you watch the premium channels more than 3-4 times per week it might be worth keeping. Or you could always turn off the one or two channels that don’t interest you.

“.. they have series that are aired on nights when I’m busy,..”

WHAT!! Get a DVR. These things let you tell the box what to record and the shows queue up so you can watch them on your schedule. Contact your cable or Sat provider. These things are outstanding and are a must-have in my household.

Hope this helps.


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